Using with Immutable.js

Tiny Atom works best when you don’t mutate your state objects and instead update everything in an immutable manner.

By default, Tiny Atom shallowly clones and merges state updates into the existing state without mutating the previous state. To perform more complicated state updates, libraries such as Zaphod can be very helpful.

Another way to actually force immutability in your atom is to use an immutable data structure library such as Immutable.js. For this to work with Tiny Atom you’ll have to pass a custom initialState and use swap instead of set in your actions.

import { Map } = from 'immutable'
import createAtom from 'tiny-atom'

const atom = createAtom(initialState(), actions())

const initialState = function () {
  return Map({ count: 0 })

function actions () {
  return {
    increment: ({ get, swap }, action) => {
      const state = get()
      const count = state.get('count')
      const update = Map({ count: count + 1 })

    decrement: ({ get, swap }, action) => {
      const nextState = get().set('count', 5)